A medium is an individual who has the ability to increase our mind’s attunement to the higher vibration of the spirit world. Communication with the other side is a two-sided process. Although our loved ones are no longer in physical form they still take an active interest in what we do. They are just as keen to speak with you as you are with them.

As a medium we are the voice for spirit people. We do not choose what spirit says to you, the “sitter” rather it’s the other way around – spirit chooses what they want to say to you. A medium asks spirit questions and give you the evidence that the spirit wants to give to you that lets you know they are still very much “alive”. They want to talk with us as much as we want to talk to them. They are still very interested in what you do in your daily life.


When we “die” to our physical form we don’t cease to exist. In fact we continue our learning and growth just as we did on earth. People in the spirit world still have the same personalities and retain the memories that they had while in physical form. However all the lower emotions like anger, pain, suffering, resentment, anguish, etc., are no longer present. Only unconditional love abounds in their realm.

What happens in a mediumship session with me? I sit still and focus on raising my energy to a point where I make a connection with one of your loved ones. I do not control who comes through during a session. The spirit that wants most to speak with you at that time is the one who will present themselves through me. As they “speak” to me I give you evidence that they are who they say they are and any other information they wish to convey through me at that time.