Many months ago I met Sharon at a seminar close to London. What stood out to me was her grace and integrity. Her willingness to serve humanity in her own unique way.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote her an email and asked her for a reading. The reading was spot on and helped me through a period in time where I needed guidance most.

She is an absolutely trustworthy person and I would gladly seek her advice again. Her smile and kindness lights up every room and to me she will always be a guiding light and a true force of nature. You can simply not go wrong with Sharon’s readings and I wish her all the luck in the world.

Have a great day and blessings to you,


Thank you again Sharon! I really appreciate the time and the insight from the Akashic Record Consultation this morning. It gave me a lot of clarity, understanding and reassurance of my path and purpose. I found it very valuable and empowering. Thank you.


Sharon Plover is a gifted reader of the Akashic Records. Through her consultation and guidance she will help you get clarity to your life’s questions through direct communication with your Akashic Records. I have found this knowledge to be very self assuring and empowering. I would highly recommend anyone who is seeking greater clarity, purpose and direction in life (or even getting answers to life’s struggles and challenges) to get a session with Sharon Plover.

Frost R.

Dear Sharon,

I really want to thank you for my Akashic records reading. It opened my eyes to so many aspects of my spiritual growth. One of my questions had to do with the soul agreements I made before incarnating into this lifetime. I really didn’t know beforehand that this is a classic area in which the Akashic records can impart wisdom to us. I feel that my reading gave me confidence that I am on the right track, and it reduced some personal anxiety. While I know everything is always for the highest good, the reassurance is worth its weight in gold.

Especially helpful is the practical and actionable advice you were able to convey via your connection to the Records. I have easily been able to implement the suggestions and am already noticing small, daily changes. At first I felt that the changes were very small, but you let me know that incremental growth is best so we can gradually acclimate to the higher vibrations.

I have a strong sense that your personal spiritual work has helped you connect to Source in a way that cuts through the clutter of subjective experience. I am a person who always examines spiritual coaching in light of what I feel I can do for myself just as well. But sometimes it is worth the time and money to work with others who have more focus on a particular area of spirituality. The Akashicrecords is not something I choose to do for myself.For this reason, I feel it is worthwhile to enlist your help.

With love and gratitude,

Laura Link

I find Sharon has a great gift of insight, like an X-ray to the soul with her (Akashic) work, she illuminates unconscious and unresolved issues and events, allowing for greater clarity, freedom and a newfound joy for life.

I was able to see my father’s pain that identified with all my life seemingly as mine…wasn’t mine at all just through me. It was like being able to walk through a mountain, and so simple at the same time.

I feel fortunate to have had such a positive, life changing session with her.


Dear Sharon,

Thank you so much for my Akashic records reading. This was my first reading and I felt immediately at ease in your presence. I appreciated the time you took to answer my questions before our reading.

During the reading I appreciated your clear feedback of what the guides offered and was especially moved with the answers around my relationship with my son and my Mother. As a result of this reading, my communication with my son feels more at ease and I’ve let go of forcing a relationship with my Mom – whom I felt I “needed” to find a way to be with in a certain way.

I feel empowered to (continue) listen to my inner voice as I go forward on my path. I happily recommend you to anyone who is interested in learning more about Akashic Records and receiving a reading.