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Sharon Plover, a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie

Using "Proof of Truth" to Discover Underlying Beliefs.

~ Byron Katie, Loving What Is

As a Certified Facilitator of The Work of Byron Katie™ (also known as Inquiry Based Stress Reduction© or IBSR) I am certified by Byron Katie personally to do The Work with people. It’s a way to find the truth directly for yourselves, outside of your concepts about reality.

People who do The Work as an ongoing practice commonly report:

Alleviation of depression: Find resolution, even happiness, in situations that were once debilitating.

Decreased stress: Live with less anxiety or fear.

Improved relationships: Experience deeper connection and intimacy with your partner, your parents, your children, your friends, and yourself.

Reduced anger: Understand what makes you angry and resentful and become reactive less often, with less intensity.

Increased mental clarity: Live and work more intelligently and effectively, with integrity.

More energy: Experience a new sense of ongoing vigor and well-being.

More peace: Discover how to become “a lover of what is.”

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The Work of Byron Katie™

Inquiry Based Stress Reduction©

“There is only one journey: going inside yourself.” Rainer Maria Rilke

Introduction to Byron Katie and the process known as The Work

In 1986, at the bottom of a ten-year spiral into depression, rage, and self-loathing, Katie woke up one morning to a state of constant joy that has never left her. She realized that when she believed her stressful thoughts, she suffered, but that when she questioned them, she didn’t suffer, and that this is true for every human being.

The Work consists of four questions and the turnarounds, which are a way of experiencing the opposite of what you believe. When you question a thought, you see around it to the choices beyond suffering. One thought at a time, you transform the way you experience your life.

Katie has been bringing The Work to millions of people for more than twenty-five years. Her public events, weekend workshops, five-day intensives, nine-day School for The Work, and 28-day residential Turnaround House have brought freedom to people all over the world.

Eckhart Tolle says, “Byron Katie’s Work is a great blessing for our planet.” Time magazine calls Katie “a spiritual innovator for the new millennium.”

Byron Katie’s six books include the bestselling Loving What Is, I Need Your Love—Is That True?, and A Thousand Names for Joy. Her newest book is A Friendly Universe.

At, you will find detailed instructions about The Work; a list of Certified Facilitators and their websites; video and audio clips; Katie’s calendar of events; free downloads including the Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheet; interviews; apps for your iPhone, iPad, or Android; a free newsletter; a free helpline; and the online store.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Work of Byron Katie          THEWORK.COM

I am at a place in my experience with The Work where I feel able to meet a client where they are. I have a deep trust in The Work to do its job, and I trust myself to trust it. Others’ powerful emotions don’t frighten me in the way they used to; I have come to see that there is nothing to be afraid of. And if there’s something that is triggered in me, then I know it’s about me and how to take care of it. So I welcome your fear, your confusion, your anger, your upset, your deep sadness and grief.

I know my job is not to try to help or fix anyone, but only to be there for them fully, to simply ask 4 questions and let them give themselves their answers. I have been humbled by being made aware of my arrogance when I used to think that I had answers for other people. I finally feel that I am in a place where I am ready to serve because I know that I don’t know. I am ready to learn alongside others. I have nothing to give them but my presence. And this is a gift to me.

I know what has helped me when I have been confused—I have worked through some confusion about The Work. For example, asking, “And that means that…” has really helped me get at the underlying belief of a situation.

The Work has been the most profound tool in my life (and it goes beyond even that), and if I can help facilitate other people to experience the power of The Work, then that is the most fulfilling thing. Also, I have had the experience over and over of how my clients are doing my Work, and they enlighten me to myself, when I have the privilege of facilitating them. I know I have a lot more beliefs to undo, and this is the best way I can serve myself while serving others.

I used to live in enormous fear of rejection, self-loathing, low self esteem and self worth. Much of my day was spent in people pleasing behaviors trying to be what it was I thought the other person wanted me to be. It never occurred to me to be simply who I am.

I repeated behavioral patterns that were frequently harmful to myself and others simply because that’s how I had been trained as a child and emulated what others taught me unquestioningly most of my life.

One thing that was also a constant was that I felt so lonely, unhappy, sad, longing to feel loved and accepted all of the time.

It was my greatest desire to have peace of mind. Through that desire I found The Work of Byron Katie.

In learning to become still enough to let the underlying thoughts rise to the surface through Inquiry and then question each of those as they presented themselves I have undergone an enormous shift in my life. I have a simple tool to question any thought that causes me to suffer even for a minute. Beliefs that had kept me trapped in my mind and old patterns for 40+ years are gone. My body feels lighter and freer as though my very cells have change too. I am clear now that whatever triggers me is not on the outside, rather it’s an inside job for me to do. I welcome it.

In my opinion there is no greater gift to myself than peaceful thoughts. In having those I am free.

The Work is a form of self-inquiry, a way of finding out what it truly is that is causing you to suffer or limiting you, and finding peace and freedom through encountering the truth. It is a process of finding and then questioning your stressful thoughts through four questions and turnarounds (a way of experiencing the opposite of what you’re believing). It’s meditation, in that the answers show themselves to you—it is not thinking. It’s something anyone with an open mind can do. It’s simple and can be life-changing. You can read the first two chapters in Loving What Is by Byron Katie for more information.

I ask people questions that allows them to arrive at their own answers, to find out what is true for them. It gives people clarity on what’s going on for them. It allows them to discover what it is that they’re believing that is causing them stress or fear, and then really meet those thoughts to inquire whether or not they are true for them. It is a way of encountering your own authority—what is true for you outside of what you think you’re supposed to think and believe. And it’s my truth, in my experience, that has set me free.

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